Thinking Outside the Box, er, Closet

The other day I ran across this post and I immediately liked the idea of a utility closet…except I don’t have a closet to use. This house has limited closet space – an entry closet, a linen closet, a bedroom closet, and then a closet upstairs that gets shared between two bedrooms. I’ve briefly considered using the upstairs closet but it has a slanted wall which would not be so great for a pegboard.

Then I started trying to think “outside the closet” (something I don’t excel at). I considered putting a set-up like this in the front entry way. We don’t use it as an entry way and it already contains hubby’s dresser, so why not a utility set-up. But I didn’t really like the idea of having that pegboard hanging in sight of our living room. I would always see it when I was sitting on the loveseat. Then I thought I could build a cabinet around the pegboard – that would look less cluttered. I still wasn’t sold on the idea of having it in the entry way though.

Then I thought of the dining room. I currently have a shelf set up where I keep a file box for filing mail and a drawer set for tape, envelopes, stamps, bills to pay, etc. I could get a cabinet of drawers to put there and easily incorporate the office supplies already in the dining room. I could build a cupboard around the pegboard and on the front of the pegboard I could put a white board and/or a cork board for notes and what-not. Hmmmm, now I might be on to something…

I’m still mulling this over, trying to decide how I want to do this. I would still really rather have it in a closet but there just isn’t one available so I’m going to have to improvise. Another option is to put it in the basement, though that would be a little inconvenient. Has anyone else done a project like this? Where did you put the “closet”?