Outdoor Project List

We have a long list of projects, both indoors and out. Here’s the outdoor project list. I will check things off as we complete them.

Front Yard

  • Plant Lupines near ditch?
  • Design and plant front flower bed
  • Add matching flower bed on other side (currently there is only a flower bed on one side of the front steps/entry)
  • Plants shrubs along road for more privacy
  • Plant flower around mailbox post
  • Plant bulbs along south side of house
  • Plant lots of Daffodils
  • Put a section of river rock near the spigot and hose
  • Re-do the sidewalk
  • Get new front steps?
  • Add more gravel to the driveway
  • Re-seed grass as needed
  • Place rocks around culvert on either side of the driveway


  • Re-paint the back
  • Fix the outdoor lights
  • Fix the indoor wiring problem (half the circuits suddenly stopped working)
  • Plant flowers alongside the garage on the north and possibly east sides
  • Hang flower baskets on front of garage
  • Buy/make plants to put in front of garage
  • Move around the tool hangers/racks so they’re in some reasonable order


  • Re-seed grass as needed
  • Put garden around bird feeders?
  • Add a deck (long-term plan)
  • Fix lights off porch that don’t work
  • Find a nice-looking solution for sump pump hose – possibly line an area with rocks
  • Put in a vegetable garden – next year
  • Rock garden and sitting area in shady area just north of the house

The Rest of the Property

  • Get drain tile place (long-term plan)
  • Fill in low spots
  • Mow trails
  • Build barn for goats, chickens, etc. (this is at least a year down the road)
  • Put up fence for said critters
  • Build bridges to go over the ditches
  • Pick up the cement blocks at old beehive location
  • Clean up brush
  • Pick up rocks

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