This and That in June

There’s not much to report in the way of DIY work. We’ve mostly been working and trying to keep up with mowing the lawn between rainy days. We had a very rare week of our schedules matching up – hubby and I were both on day shifts, for an entire week. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened. It was great! I’ve been doing some gardening and we’ve gone out hiking a few times. We’ve hiked on local hiking trails and visit a local state park. I started painting the stairwell going upstairs but haven’t finished it yet. Here are some photos from the last few weeks. There are some photos of our property and some from our hiking trips (and a couple pictures from the local zoo). Enjoy!

Front garden photo DSC08454.jpg
The front garden – Poppies and Hostas in the front, Bleeding Hearts in the back

One plant, two colors photo DSC08455.jpg
A surprise: This plant has white AND orange flowers

Japanese Spirea photo DSC08461.jpg
One of the (overgrown) Japanese Spirea bushes by the front steps

Yellow Lady's Slipper! photo DSC08441.jpg
Yellow Lady’s Slipper plant

Hiking trail photo DSC08425.jpg
One of the trails we’ve been hiking on

Collie taking a hiking break photo DSC08409.jpg
Our dog taking a break from hiking

Another view photo DSC08387.jpg
The view from partway up the trail

Cotton Topped Tamarin photo DSC08296.jpg
A Cotton-Top Tamarin at our local zoo. My favorite kind of monkey.

Straw Bat photo DSC08307.jpg
Straw Bats at the local zoo. I’m so glad these bats are not native to this area.

Almost night time photo DSC08248.jpg
Almost night time

My woods photo DSC08231.jpg
Some of my woods

Creek photo DSC08222.jpg
The creek on my property

Sunset in the country photo DSC08215.jpg
Sunset in the country

Sunset in the country photo DSC08198.jpg
Same sunset

Waterfalls at the state park photo DSC08178.jpg
Waterfalls at a nearby state park

At a state park photo DSC08105.jpg
View of part of a nearby state park