Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green?

I’m getting the itch to paint again (why, I’m not sure…). Thus far, I’ve only painted the living room and the dining room. I started on one of the walls for the upstairs stairwell but haven’t finished it yet. I painted one wall the same blue that’s in the living room and dining room but now I’m thinking I want to paint it white. I’ve also been trying to pick colors for the rest of the house. I walked out of Home Depot with a large stack of paint chips the other day. It would appear that I lean towards blues and greens…
Paint chips photo DSC08731.jpg
So many colors to choose from

The paint chips often look very different at home than they do in the store so I can usually quickly eliminate a few. I’ve had a bunch of paint chips sitting on the coffee table for a couple weeks and occasionally I take a look at them. I look at them all sorts of lighting – direct and indirect sunlight, daytime, nighttime, on cloudy days, in a dark shadowy corner of the room, next to the window. That helps me narrow down the colors a bit more. Sometimes I really like a particular color at first but don’t like it nearly as much a bit later.

Paint chips photo DSC08738.jpg
Narrowing down the options

After I narrow down some options, I ask for hubby’s input. I pick the general color I want in a room (navy blue, light green, cream, etc.) then ask his opinion. He gives his input and I adjust the options accordingly.

Thus far, I’ve come up with the general colors I want to use for our bedroom, my office, and the upstairs hallway. I still can’t decide what color I want to paint the kitchen and whether or not I’m going to paint the bathroom. I’m sort of liking the green that’s in there and it goes well with the blue in the living room (you can see the bathroom walls from the living room). Perhaps I’ll paint the trim white and leave the green… We shall see.

Before we go, here’s a snapshot of the view out my office the other morning:
Bird feeder turned deer feeder photo DSC08739.jpg